Tree Care

Tree diseases and tree fungus can cause significant damage to your trees, shrubs and garden plants in a very short space of time.

An Aspenn staff arborist can identify many common tree diseases and fungus problems in their early stages; and treat them effectively. Our tree experts can also highlight possible problem areas, to develop a prevention program that will proactively treat tree diseases and fungus before they can become established.

Our Tree Care programs work in steps:

  1. We believe that the best solution to common tree and shrub problems is prevention. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive care and treatment program that delivers safe and effective tree disease prevention as part of our regular tree and shrub care services.
  2. Our tree experts can instantly identify vulnerable trees and garden plants in your landscape and recommend preventative treatment to stop tree disease and fungus in its tracks. Some trees and shrubs are especially vulnerable such as fruit trees. Trees prone to a lot of diseases are given a regular treatment regimen that will keep them in optimum health.
  3. Weather conditions, such as high humidity and rain, can increase the risk of tree disease. By recognizing these issues and tailoring a preventative treatment before they become a problem, our tree experts minimize the use of chemicals and fungicides while still delivering effective results.
  4. For trees and shrubs that have already fallen victim to tree disease or fungus infection, our tree experts can help develop an effective treatment and offer innovative tree fertilization treatments to help trees recover.
  5. Finally, a staff arborist from Aspenn will be able to determine when tree disease has progressed too far – advising customers not to waste money by attempting to salvage a tree that has a very poor chance of recovering.

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