Enjoy Year Round Protection from Ticks

Ticks pose a major health risk to you, your family and pets, with epidemic outbreaks occurring in north eastern US states. Keep your loved ones safe from Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses with Aspenn Environmental Services’ professional, year round tree and lawn care preventative maintenance programs.

Prevent ticks from thriving in your yard and reduce the risk of tick bites and the spread of tick related disease with Aspenn’s Integrated Pest Management programs. Our highly effective tick control treatments minimize exposure to pesticides and chemicals, allowing you carefree, year round enjoyment of your yard.

Learn everything about Tick Control, and how to protect your family from Ticks and Lyme Disease, with the Aspenn Guide to Tick Control.

Aspenn Environmental Services’ Integrated Pest Management programs feature a proactive approach to tick control as part of our regular, ongoing tree and lawn care services. We’ll help you control ticks by:

  1. Educating you in ways to create a lawn and landscape that is hostile to ticks.
  2. Using environmentally responsible tick sprays to actively reduce the tick population while minimizing your family’s exposure to dangerous pesticides.
  3. Using stronger tick control methods for high-risk or seriously infested areas to reduce your risk of exposure to Lyme Disease.
  4. Helping you maintain a “tick safe” landscape through the use of environmentally responsible tick treatments specifically timed to target ticks during the most vulnerable periods of their lifecycle.
  5. Offering you highly effective methods for eliminating disease-carrying ticks from the #1 way they can enter your home or garden - the white footed mouse.
To learn more about how you can prevent the spread of ticks in your yard, call us at 1-888-881-2847 today, or request a no obligation, free quote from one of our tick control specialists!