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Could Lyme Disease have been misdiagnosed as Autism?

This stunning video reveals what might be a growing trend – Lyme disease incorrectly diagnosed as autism. But there’s good news – symptoms are alleviated following treatment.

This incredibly moving video reveals a story we’re hearing more and more of – Lyme disease masquerading as autism and other neurological conditions.

Don’t leave tick control to your pets

Dogs are especially vulnerable to ticks – and are often the first indication that you have a tick control problem.

Is Lyme Disease Treatment Breeding Super Bugs?

A popular form of treatment for “chronic Lyme disease” is extended treatment with antibiotics – for weeks, months or even years. But experts argue this is ineffective, and possibly even downright dangerous – and not just for the patient; but for all who rely on the bacteria-killing properties of antibiotics.

Tick Control Tips for Spring

As the weather warms up, so do the ticks. Now is when tick control is at its most important.

US Department of Agriculture is shipping thousands of pigs to Plum Island, birthplace of Lyme disease

We’ve reported on the rumors that Lyme disease originated on the mysterious research center on Plum Island, New York (read all about it here.) Now the US Department of Agriculture is shipping thousands of pigs there. What gives?

Lyme Disease in the News: Pressing the Reset Button on Antibiotics

There might be new hope in the battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, after scientists successfully “resurrected” three billion year old antibiotic-resistant proteins to discover how they work.

Virginia Tackles Inaccuracy of Lyme Disease Testing

One of the biggest concerns “Lymies” have is the inaccuracy of Lyme disease testing. Now, a new law in Virginia attempts to rectify that.

Special Commission Rules: Lyme disease a bigger problem than thought

A special commission has attacked the way “official” figures are gathered in Lyme disease cases – and argue the public need to be made aware of the growing danger.

Tick Control Consequences: You have Lyme disease. Should you get pregnant?

The other day, we posted an article about Texas mother Melinda Fulford, who endured the tragedy of passing Lyme disease to her two children while they were in the womb. The Examiner ran an extended interview which covered an important question for women with Lyme disease – is it safe to get pregnant?

Can Lyme Disease Can Be Passed During Pregnancy?

One of the enduring questions about Lyme disease is whether or not the bacterium which causes it can be passed from mother to child in the womb. While experts disagree, the evidence seems to speak for itself.

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