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Could thousands of American kids be living with Lyme disease?

Thousands of American children could be living with Lyme disease – yet diagnosed with something else.

Could Bed Bugs be Spreading Lyme Disease?

Ticks are the best known vector for Lyme disease – but could be bugs spread the disease too?

Could Lyme Disease Damage your Eyesight?

Could Lyme disease damage patient’s eyesight? A new report suggests so.

Could vaccinating mice be the key to tick control?

Required reading at Tree and Lawn Care is Richard Ostfeld’s book Lyme Disease: The Ecology of a Complex System,which

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  • Could Legislation Bring Tick Control and Lyme Disease to the Public Eye?

    “What if you had a disease nobody believed in? That’s the reality faced by those with Chronic Lyme Disease.” So says a recent news report about combatting Chronic Lyme Disease in Connecticut.

    Study finds Lyme disease could be 800% underreported in Tennessee

    Could using medical claims, rather than reported infections, show a more accurate picture of Lyme disease infection?

    Is the CDC Cherry-picking their Lyme Disease and Tick Control Stories?

    The Centers for Disease Control have added some new “Lyme Stories” to their website – but do they tell the whole story?

    Lyme Disease Not the Only Tick-Borne Illness that is Spreading

    More tick borne illnesses are spreading across America.

    US District Court of New York Makes Landmark Ruling in Lyme Disease Disability Claim

    According to the medical mainstream, Lyme disease is “easy” to cure with a round of antibiotics. However, thousands of patients suffering ongoing symptoms disagree. Now their case is being made in one of the highest courts in the land.

    US Open Winner Fundraises for Tick Control and Lyme Disease

    A world-class tennis champion is helping raise awareness and money for Lyme disease charity the LymeLight Foundation.

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