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Hurricane Sandy Could be a Haven For Ticks

Hurricane Sandy has devastated the New York and New Jersey coastline – but it could also have a serious impact on tick control and Lyme disease statistics in the region.

Did Hurricane Sandy Destroy Vital Lyme Disease Research?

Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey last week – but did it also destroy vital research in the fight against Lyme disease?

One Blogger Asks: Is Lyme Disease the new HIV?

Lyme disease is one of America’s fastest growing infectious diseases – but does it really have the potential to hit AIDS-like proportions?

Lyme Disease Cartoon Causes Complaints

It’s not just in Europe that cartoons can cause uproar. A comic from online magazine The Red & Black recently received scorn from Lyme advocates nationwide.

Mitt Romney pledges to fight Lyme disease

Lyme disease becomes an unexpected campaign issue on Northern Virginia.

New Book Explores the Causes of Chronic Lyme Disease

A new book by Monica Embers explores some of the medical reasons behind persistent Lyme disease infection.

New York University professor argues Health Agencies need better Tick Control Tactics

New York University recently posted a controversial article; arguing that U.S. Health Agencies are actively suppressing the true extent of tick borne illnesses.

When will the CDC admit that deer ticks are widespread?

A recent article in confirms what many believe – but the CDC still deny: That Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks are more widespread than people realize.

More Proof that Chronic Lyme Disease Exists

At the 15th European Microscopy Congress in Manchester, England, scientists presented a paper suggesting that borrelia burgdorferi – the bacterium which causes Lyme disease – really can ‘come back from the dead’ like Lyme advocates have argued.

16 Years with Lyme Disease – a Chilling Tick Control Warning

Almost two decades without diagnosis have had a lasting impact on one boy’s life.

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