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Appletree Hill is a neighborhood in Levitttown, the largest commuter suburb of Philadelphia and remarkable because the whole town was bought and created by the Levitt brothers in the 1950s. They planned the town out beforehand, right down to the six types of homes that would be built there. The city remains a testiment to post-war American prosperity.

With that in mind you'd be forgiven for thinking that Appletree Hill might not have a problem with ticks - but remarkably while urbanisation drove out the primary vector for Lyme-infected ticks - wild deer and other large mammals - the ticks themselves remained. Today they are mostly attached to smaller host animals like mice and squirrels; who deposit the ticks in resident's yards and gardens.

As a result, homeowners are at risk of tick bites; and children and pets are especially vulnerable.



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Beulah Land was named after an old-testament like from Isaiah 62:4, and is a community located in rich forestland that forms part of Calvert Township. With Cecil College just a mile or so away, this community is rural, yet conveniently located to make is a desirable commuter residency.

However, the town is actually very small, as is Calvert itself. That isolated population is why the percentage of tick bites and Lyme disease is disproportionately high - with more residents affected than in many nearby Maryland communities.

The issues with ticks are caused by the abundance of local wildlife, which roams through resident's yards and gardens and often drop ticks off as they travel. These ticks then look for a new host - often a child, pet or the homeowner themselves - and many carry the b. burgdorferi bacterium that causes...

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There are actually two Frenchtowns in Cecil County, Maryland. One of them is a ghosttown - the remnants of a travel depot burned by the British in 1813. Little remains of that settlement now, although the inn that once stood there was still around as late as the 1960s.

The better-known Frenchtown is a community north of Perryville, right on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Because of the proximity to the river, the community is impacted by a higher-than-average number of ticks, which are often carried into people's yards and gardens by wildlife and birds.

Ticks that are attached to this wildlife will occasionally drop off - and then pose a risk to homeowners, as they can attach and bite them while they're gardening, playing or enjoying their yard.


Tick Control in...

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Located right on the Old Philadelphia Road, Bacon Hill is a historic neighborhood just north of the Elk Neck State Forest. With rolling forest in all directions, it's a truly beautiful part of the state to live - but that beauty is not without consequence. Because of the sheer abundance of wildlife, residents face a higher incidence of tick bites and Lyme disease and need to take precautions.

The problems arise because of ticks migrating through people's yards and gardens on the backs of birds, deer and other wildlife. Ticks attach to these animals for their first blood meals, and if the animals spend any time traveling through resident's properties, sometimes the bloated ticks will drop off and find themselves in a homeowner's back yard.

Once their previous meal is digested, they'll start looking for their next one - and that can be a homeowner, pet or child. That's why it's so important to be aware of ticks, and take steps to protect...

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Hollingsworth Manor is a neighborhood in Elkton, in Cecil County, Maryland. Right in the heart of this 15,000 strong community, the neighborhood borders Hollingsworth Park to the south, and the beautiful island of Otter Point.

The proximity to this parkland and waterway means that residents of Hollingsworth Manor experience a hugher-than-average incidence of tick bites. Ticks florish in the lush wetland, and are carried into people's yards and gardens, attached to birds, deer and other wildlife.

They pose a danger when they drop off their host, and remain on a resident's property ready to bite a child, pet or family member. That's why tick control precautions are so important.

Tick Control in Hollingsworth Manor, ...

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Located right in the heart of Elkton, in Cecil County, Maryland, Elkton Heights is a beautiful and lush residential area, which comprises part of the 15,000 strong town community. 

The region is characterized for historic trees, open parkland and space - and while this makes it a beautiful and desirable place to live, it's not without its drawbacks. Despite the urbanization, residents still face a higher than average incidence of tick bites due to displaced wildlife and small mammals depositing ticks in their yards and gardens.

Ticks enter the property attached to creatures like squirrels, mice and possum, and drop off after their blood meal. After digestion, they seek a new host - and that can often be a family pet, child or the homeowner themselves.



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Elkton was founded by Swedes in the late 1600s, and named it after the Elk River, which it bridges the head of. The town played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War and later earned notoriety as one of the best places to get a quick and convenient marriage in America; with thousands of young couples eloping to get hitched there.

Today, Elkton is home to over 15,000 residents, yet remains surrounded by rural beauty. This beauty is what makes the town subject of an Aspenn Alert; as residents suffer a higher-than-average incidence of tick bites and Lyme disease because of the density of ticks and the abundance of wildlife that brings these ticks into people's yards and gardens.



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During the colonial days of America's early history, Elk Landing was a port at the head of the Chesapeake Bay - the mid-Atlantic's most navigable northernmost inland waterway and a preferred route of travel.

Today, the historic home of Elk Landing remains in the town of Elkton, in Cecil County Maryland. Today the region is home to over 15,000 residents and is a commuter belt for those who work in nearby Wilmington.

While Elkton itself is fairly developed, the region is still subject to an Aspenn Alert because of the high density of ticks, many of which carry the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. They often find their way into resident's back yards and gardens - deposited there by small mammals or passing birds.



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Names after the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which runs along its edge, the Maryland town of Chesapeake is home to just 700 residents, and is surrounded by beautiful forest and greenery.

It's perhaps best known for the bridge which seperates the north and south sections of town, and has a host of historic buildings including the famous Old Lock Pump House which dates back to the 1830s.

The proximity of the Canal Wildlife Management Area to the east, and the Elk Forest Wildlife Management Area to the west mean that Chesapeake is subject to a lot of roaming wildlife. Deer, small mammals and birds frequently traverse resident's gardens and lawns and in doing so often drop ticks off - which then pose a risk to homeowners and their families.



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Boyertown has existed since the early 1800s, and is today a small suburb of Reading, in Berks county, with a population of just over 4,000.

Beautiful tree-lined hills and a number of community parks and cemetaries make Boyertown a desirable place to live; although the township is not without its drawbacks.

Ticks are a problem for many homeowners - carried onto their property by small mammals such as foxes, possums and mice.


Tick Control in Boyertown, 19512

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